Visual identity design for food production company

For my client Santorini Gourmet I made a traditional but modern design of visual identity. The new visual identity is designed to emphasizes the logo symbol that represents a Greek island Santorini. I used greek/roman style letter that reveals the tradition and culture of Greece in visual and symbolic meaning of the logo, representing the values of Santorini Gourmet. By customer request, as a home color, I have implemented a blue color, national colour of Greece. Also I made packaging design for several types of traditional greek dips such as Tzatziki, Tirokafteri, Spitiki, Pasta Elias etc.

Santorini gourmet packaging design for tzatziki

Santorini gourmet packaging design for spitiki

Santorini Gourmet logo design

Santorini gourmet packaging design for tirokafteri

Santorini gourmet packaging design for pasta elias

Santorini gourmet restaurant food menu

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