What to include in your message:

Who are you?
Start off by giving me your basic contact information, the company or organization you’re with, your affiliation, and what exactly your company offers, makes or sells.

How can I help?
What brings you to me? What issues are you having? What are you hoping to achieve? Are you trying to create an energetic brand presence? Looking to update and revive your company image? Need packaging for a hot new line product?

Give me the details!
Don’t skimp on the details; they help me get a better understanding of your needs. Let me know if you have a particular deadline, a set budget range, any reference websites and/or links to work samples.

Potential Clients
If you are requesting an estimate for a design project, please send a design brief or description of your project to info@damirpolutranko.com

Current Clients
Current clients may contact me at any time through email, phone, or skype. If you have an urgent request, please contact me through Skype.